VS-2A 2-Port VGA Switch with Audio & Serial Control

Sale price $208.75 CAD Regular price $347.85 CAD

The Model VS-2A is a versatile and compact 2 input x 1 output VGA & audio switch. It supports PC resolutions to 1600x1200 or HD resolutions to 1080p. The unit allows one monitor to be switched between two video and audio sources. Input #1 has local loop-thru outputs of audio and video that is perfect for desktop PCs. The switched output can be selected via front panel push-button, through RS-232 serial port, or automatically by scanning and detecting active video on the inputs. In 'Auto' mode, the user can also assign priority to Input #1 (or Input #2), whereby if both video inputs are active, input #1 (or Input #2) would have precedence. The switched output can be blanked (with audio muted) or unblanked via the front panel or through the serial port. Optional rackmount brackets are also available.

  • Allows two video & stereo audio input sources to be switched to one output
  • Can be controlled manually by push-button, via Serial port, or by detecting active video input
  • Select input 1, input 2, or blank the output
  • Auto mode automatically scans and selects the input with active video
  • Auto Mode priority can be set for input #1, Input #2 or no-priority
  • Switched output can be blanked and un-blanked
  • Stores the last selection and mode in EEPROM