System 84 Control Interface

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The SYS-CS1 controls all 32 switching functions of an RDL System 84 audio mixing matrix. It also provides 8 separate 0 to 10 Vdc outputs to control external VCAs or other equipment with 0 to 10 Vdc control inputs. Eight status inputs are provided for sensing external switch or transistor closures. The SYS-CS1 connects to a computer through an RS-232 serial link. Commands may be initiated from a terminal program or from user software.

OUTPUT TERMINALS − A command will either select or deselect each of the eight System84 inputs to any of the four outputs. A separate command deselects all 32 switching functions thereby turning off all inputs to all outputs.

0 TO 10 VOLT OUTPUTS − The ramp rate for each output can be preset individually or globally. Output commands then initiate a ramp from the present level to a newly defined level. The output level (one or all) may also be sent directly to a new level without ramping. A separate command will set the SYS-CS1 to report the completion of ramping. Each 0 to 10 Vdc output may be programmed to output 0 to 5 Vdc without any loss of resolution.

STATUS INPUT TERMINALS − The SYS-CS1 may be set to provide an alert any time an individual status input terminal changes state (low to high, high to low). Global commands allow enabling or disabling alerts from all status inputs. The controlling computer can also query the status of an individual terminal or all status terminals. A separate command allows the program to provide an alert when a defined pattern of all eight status terminals occurs.

The SYS-CS1 may be operated solely to control the System 84 without any response codes fed back to the computer. An initialization command sets all parameters to known values at the beginning of the user program. Error codes may be enabled to assist in development of controlling software. Front panel LEDs show any active audio outputs, active status inputs, transmit and receive data, errors and power.