Two Band Active Line-level Crossover

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The ST-CX2 is a line-level two band crossover to drive audio power amplifiers. The input and outputs are balanced and may be connected unbalanced if necessary. The input accepts a +4 dBu line-level signal. The module operates at nominal unity gain.

The FULL RANGE output is designed for use with full-range speaker systems which do not contain a woofer (below 100 Hz). The passband is 100 Hz to 30 kHz, with an equalization adjustment centered at 2 kHz. Through the application of a smile-curve providing up to 8 dB attenuation through midband audio frequencies, the performance of the whole system may be significantly enhanced.

The WOOFER output is designed for use with woofers amplified independently of any full-range speakers. The passband is 40 Hz to 165 Hz when set flat, with an equalization BOOST adjustment centered at 50 Hz.

For systems also incorporating subwoofers, the LOOP THRU output connects to an input of the RDL ST-CX2S Subwoofer Crossover. The ST-CX2 features RDL's SupplyFlex power input configuration for operation directly from ground-referenced, floating or bipolar 24 Vdc power.