2 Station Audio Controller for SourceFlex Distributed Audio System

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SAS-82 Audio Controller is a 1/3 rack width module which receives audio and data input from either a SAS-88 or SAS-8i Audio Input Interface. The SAS-82 is supplied with a ribbon cable which connects to the prior port in the system. For example, the first SAS-82 connects to the output port on a Audio Input Interface; while the second and subsequent SAS-82s connect to the output port of the prior SAS-82. The SAS-82 contains the switching circuitry to select one of eight sources, and provides the installer with an audio level control to set the maximum volume level feeding the SOURCEFLEX Listening Station. Audio, data and power connections from the SAS-82 to the Listening Stations are made via installer provided six conductor wire. Each SAS-82 controls 2 SOURCEFLEX Listening Stations. For systems with more than 12 total Listening Stations, use the SAS-8C instead of a SAS-82.