ULTRASTYLE Universal Remote Control - Ultrastyle neutral

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The RUC-4 is a wall control that is easily programmed to control a wide variety of RDL and other industry equipment. Four long-life keyboard style pushbuttons allow front-panel selection. Corresponding LEDs display the status of the associated function. The RUC-4 is programmed for the desired operation when it is installed. Each button can be set to produce a momentary output, a latched output, or can be set to interlock with any of the other buttons on the front panel. Four output terminals on the rear panel are individually programmable as open-collector, or may be set to produce +15 V when active. Four status input terminals on the rear panel are provided for LED control. Each LED can be programmed to respond to the rear-panel terminal, or to its corresponding button´s function. The RUC-4 also has a selectable lockout mode that requires users to enter a 5 button sequence to unlock the normal button functions. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the buttons automatically relock. Two front-panel LEDs, LOCKED or UNLOCKED, indicate the status of the RUC-4. A non-volatile memory retains the programming settings when power is disconnected.

The complete programming flexibility allows any combination of button and indicator functions. The combinations are nearly limitless when used with RDL modules.