Four Output Sender / Distributor - 1x4 - Twisted Pair Format-C

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The RU-TPS4C is a four output audio and composite video sender, and power distributor module compatible with all RDL Format-C twisted pair products. A video source connects to the BNC input jack. Two line-level audio sources may be connected to the module using the +4 dBu balanced detachable terminal block. Studio-quality buffer amplifiers feed the three pairs of the four rear-panel RJ45 OUTPUT jacks at the correct operating level.

Two RDL Dual-LED VU meters are provided on the front panel of the RU-TPS4C to monitor the audio level on each channel. A GAIN trimmer adjacent to each meter allows front-panel adjustment of each audio input for optimum operating level.

The RU-TPS4C is constructed in the durable MAX RACK-UP chassis which facilitates mounting three distributors in a single rack unit. Installations requiring more than four distributed outputs are easily accommodated by mounting one or more RU-TPDC Distributors adjacent to the RU-TPS4C. A wide variety of mounting accessories are available in the RDL RACK-UP series. A power bus jack in each RU-TPS4C allows power to enter at only a single module at either side of the rack. The included power jumper cable provides a simple method of interconnecting the RU-TPS4C to an adjacent distributor module, so multiple modules can be operated from a single power supply.

The RU-TPS4C is powered directly from a 24 Vdc power supply using either one of the power jacks or the detachable terminal block. Module power is indicated by a front-panel LED. Local power connected to the module is also fed to all modules connected to the OUTPUT RJ45 jacks. The power feeding each OUTPUT jack is separately protected by an automatically resetting fuse. A power LED is associated with each OUTPUT jack, facilitating identification of wiring faults.

RDL Format-C provides quality balanced video transmission over long distances, and features superior audio performance that rivals or exceeds shielded wiring. Design simplicity, ease of installation, unsurpassed flexibility, automatically fused power, exceptional hum rejection, low noise, and low distortion provide designers and installers the optimum choice in economical twisted pair products.