XLR Microphone Input Wall Plate Assy - Terminal block

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The RCX-J1 is an audio input accessory from RDL offered in the ULTRASTYLE design. Complete all metal enclosures are attractively finished in two coordinated neutral colors to complement the broad range of decor encountered in commercial environments. The exclusive ULTRASTYLE products are intended for installations demanding the ultimate in professional styling combined with durability, longevity and value.

The RCX-J1 is a complete microphone input panel assembly. Connections to the female front-panel XLR jack are made on a rear barrier block. Four terminals are provided: CASE GROUND, SHIELD (XLR pin 1), + (XLR pin 2) and - pin (XLR pin 3). The installer may install a jumper between the SHIELD connection and CASE GROUND if desired. The back of the RCX-J1 is finished with a metal enclosure clearly labeled for easy installation.

The RCX-J1 fits directly into back boxes, available from RDL to fit cabinets or US or international walls (RDL WB-1U). They may be mounted directly into cabinets or most standard US single gang electrical boxes.