music system for retail store

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Plug & Play Audio Set

ECLER ESSENTIALS HORECA140 is a plug&play audio pack including everything that one needs to quickly and easily install a professional audio system, even having very few technical or audio skills.

This kit includes:
• 1 HMA120: an "all in one" audio device
• 4 AUDEO106 loudspeaker cabinet units (black colour, wall mount supports and accessories included)
• All the required connectors
• Loudspeaker wire reel (50 meters) and screwdriver
• Quick installation guide, with a step-by-step detailed procedure
Key Features
• 1 x HMA120 audio player + mixer + amplifier:
-120W RMS amplifier (140W music power)
-Built-in mp3 player from SD or USB slots
-Audio mixer with 2 microphone inputs and 3 LINE inputs (ready for external sound sources)
-Bass / Treble tone controls
-Auto stand-by function (low energy consumption when idle)

• 4 x AUDEO106 loudspeaker cabinets: 2-way 50 WRMS loudspeakers, including all the necessary accessories for wall-mount installation


• Retail shops
• Hotels, clubs, restaurants & bars
• Leisure, sport and health centres
• Multimedia presentations
• Museums and exhibitions
• Classrooms
• Meeting rooms
• Video-walls, screens, interactive
• AV marketing and digital signage
AUDEO106 Dimensions WxHxD 242 x 242 x 163mm
AUDEO106 Power, high impedance 5 / 7.5 / 15 / 30 W (100V taps)
AUDEO106 Power, low impedance 50 WRMS @ 8 Ωs (2-way loudspeaker)
AUDEO106 Weight 2.3 kg
HMA120 Dimensions 210 x 230 x 88 mm
HMA120 Output Power @ 4Ω 110 WRMS
HMA120 Output Power @ 70/100V 110 WRMS
HMA120 Output Power @ 8Ω 84 WRMS
HMA120 Remote Control REMOTE port for source selection and volume control (WPm series compatible)
HMA120 Weight 5.95 kg