HDMI to VGA + Audio Scaler

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HDMI to VGA Converter converts digital HDMI or DVI signals into analog VGA and stereo audio. It is a perfect solution for connecting video cards (desktop or laptop) or consumer electronics devices such as game consoles or home theater receivers that offer an HDMI Out port to a VGA display.


  1. Easy to use, installs in seconds, no settings and it is a resolution pass-through converter.
  2. It is purely for conversion between video formats but not convert the input/output video resolutions.
  3. Supports 165MHZ/1.65Gbps per channel (6.75 Gbps all channel) bandwidth for HDMI Input.
  4. HDMI resolutions: 480P@60Hz,576P@50Hz,720P@50/60Hz,1080i@50/60Hz,1080P@50/60Hz,800*600@60Hz,1024*768@60Hz
  5. DVI resolutions: 800*600@60Hz,1024*768@60Hz
  6. VGA resolutions: 640*480@60Hz,720*576@50Hz,1280*720@50/60Hz,1920*1080@50/60Hz,800*600@60Hz,1024*768@60Hz
  7.   Compatible with DVI by a DVI-HDMI cable or connector.


  1. HDMI input
  2. Power Indicator
  3. Power supply input
  4. VGA input
  5. Stereo Audio output