Composite Video and Video Monitor Connection Plate

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The D/S-CVMB2 is the ideal choice in installations requiring a wall mounted video input or output plate with standard HD15 monitor and composite RCA jack connections. The panel is typically installed as an input plate, but may equally be used as an output jack panel.

The front panel features a standard video monitor connector. Video components, video sync and their respective ground returns are separated to feed five BNC jacks on the rear panel. The BNC jacks are isolated from the module chassis ground so the appropriate signal grounds pass through without adding a video ground loop at the panel.

The front panel features an RCA jack, intended for a composite video source. The video signal is fed to a rear panel detachable terminal block.

The D/S-CVMB2 is the ideal choice to connect computer or composite video sources to a video monitor or projector in meeting rooms or classrooms.