Remote Level Control - Preset levels

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The DB-RLC3 is designed to directly interface with RDL® control modules which feature a 0 to 10 Vdc control input utilizing an external 10 kΩ resistive control, such as the ST-VCA3, RU-VCA2A and RU-VA6A voltage controlled amplifiers. The DB-RLC3 has four momentary pushbuttons, each corresponding to one of four levels selected.

In a typical installation, the DB-RLC3 is wired to an RDL VCA. The DB-RLC3 runs from the same power supply as the VCA. When power is applied, the DB-RLC3 defaults to the NORM level. One higher level, HIGH, and two lower levels, LOW and MIN, are then available for selection. When the DB-RLC3 is set to the HIGH position, the VCA is at maximum gain. The NORM, LOW, and MIN levels are each adjustable by the installer using trimpots on each side of the DB-RLC3´s body. Once installed, the adjustments are concealed from the user.