AT-VGA-RS300SRS VGA w/Audio/RS232 Extender (Up to 1000ft)

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Atlona VGA with Stereo Audio and RS-232 Extender Over Single CAT5/6

The Atlona AT-VGA300SRS is a twisted pair transmitter and receiver modules for computer video graphics (VGA up to 1920×1200), stereo/digital audio, and RS-232 signals. The transmitter unit converts VGA, Audio, and RS-232 inputs to a twisted pair signal (Cat5/6/7), and the receiver module converts the twisted pair signal back into the VGA, Audio, and RS-232 data signals. The AT-VGA300SRS is capable of extending signals up to 1000ft and still maintaining very high video resolutions. The sender unit has a local VGA and Audio Loop-Out for a local display to be active without a need of a separate splitter. The extenders are featured built-in EQ and Gain control to compensate for lower quality cable or long distance.

  • Transmits VGA, Stereo/Digital Audio, and RS-232 long distances up to 1000ft
  • Transmitter unit is featuring VGA and Audio local outputs for a local display to be active without a need of a separate splitter
  • Designed to work on low cost Cat5/6/7 Cables
  • High Resolution support up to 1920×1200 or 1080p
  • Unique Technology is used to be able to transmit high resolution VGA (WUXGA), Audio, and RS-232 on a Single Cable
  • Bi-Directional RS-232
  • Both Transmitter and Receiver units are shielded for environments with a lot of interference
  • Wall Mountable, brackets are included