AT-UHD-SYNC 4K HDMI Emulator/Tester

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Restore any HDMI signal up to 4K/UHD with HD digital audio. Not only will it restore the signal, but it will also reveal the cause of the failure.

With three LEDs that indicate the presence and state of 5V, Hot Plug Detect, and HDCP signals, installers can quickly identify and resolve HDMI-related issues.

Often damaged or long cable runs prevent the necessary handshake between the video display and the source as they communicate their capabilities. The built-in EDID and HPD emulators make sure that the source reliably transmits the best audio and video signals that the display and connected components support.

A Valuable Troubleshooting Tool

  • Ensures proper operation, for the best performing HDMI audio and video signal between any source and display
  • Resolves loss of video, intermittent (flashing) video, snow, or color-space (pink or green) issues
  • Test HDMI system components and cables to identify HDCP support. Also detects presence of 5 volt and HPD signals


  1. No video output from Cisco/Scientific Atlanta cable set top box when integrated into an HDBaseT system.
  2. Audio Video has intermittent dropouts or is not outputting any picture or sound.
  3. Determine the root cause is for missing picture or sound.


  1. HDMI 1.2 sources don’t support HDMI 1.3 clock stretching protocol. The Atlona Signal Regeneration feature ensures HDMI 1.2 sources will transmit video to the display.
  2. Resolves and restores audio video signals with unique stored or learned EDID files.
  3. UHD-SYNC LED status indicators show HDCP compliance, 5V source transmission and sink (display) Hot Plug event confirmation. Possible indication of cable type distance limitations, incorrect termination or break/short in one of the twisted pairs. If a hot plug event is prevented from occurring, display to source reporting for EDID/HDCP will prevent audio video signal transmission.


4K/UHD support

  • Ensures the best video performance

5 volt / HPD emulation

  • Restores A/V signals due to faulty cables or when multiple distribution devices are cascaded

EDID emulation

  • Nine unique stored files plus learning capability to ensure the best picture and sound is achieved

LED indicators

  • HPD, 5V, and HDCP indicators aid in HDMI signal failure analysis

Signal regeneration

  • HDMI 1.2 sources can be reliably transmitted with HDBaseT extenders

External power supply or USB-powered

  • Use included power supply or harvest power from local USB devices to power UHD-SYNC when an AC outlet isn’t available

Palm sized form factor reduces impact within confined spaces