AT-RGB45SR VGA w/Audio Extender 150ft/50m (w/EDID)

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Atlona VGA with Stereo Audio Extender Kit over Single CAT5/6/7 with DDC Support

The Atlona AT-RGB45SR (transmitter and Receiver) Extender units with stereo Audio allow users to extend Video signal with resolutions VGA~WUXGA (640×480~1920×1200) up to 150ft (45m). The RGB45SR is designed to extender both audio and video on a single low cost CAT5, 6 or 7 Cable. The extenders are featured with DDC (EDID) support, which is needed for video cards to know what the display capabilities are. The AT-RGB45SR extenders transfer signal in real time with less than 2ms of delay.

The AT-RGB45SR is capable of sending Component Video signal via VGA/Component adapters.



  • Office Workstation: PC to Monitor Extension allows extending video and audio up to 150ft away from
    the workstation.
  • Conference Room or Boardroom: PC to Projector Extension allows extending video signal over long
    distance utilizing existing CAT5, 6 or 7 cables. This solution is perfect for Schools and Universities.
  • Computer/Monitor Testing: Since the AT-RGB45SR are capable of supporting DDC (EDID), it would
    make it easy for QA department to test Displays/computers which are further away from the testing
  • Airport/Train Station: The RGB45SR’s are based on low power chip-set which is designed to work for
    many years without a need to reboot/reset.


  • Transmits real time Video and Audio up to 150ft
  • Supports extremely high resolutions up to WUXGA (1920×1200)
  • Supports DDC (EDID), allows video card to know what the display capabilities are.
  • Based on the low power chip-set, therefore can last many years without reboot/reset
  • Designed to transmit both Video and Audio on low cost CAT5/6/7 Cable
  • Support Hot Plug Detect