AT-HD610 DVI w/Audio to HDMI Converter

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Atlona DVI with Analog/Digital Audio to HDMI Converter and Embedder

Ever wanted to play your favorite computer game on your high definition TV, or watch that video you just uploaded? With the AT-HD610 you can connect a DVI-D cable and a 3.5 mm or SPDIF audio cable from a computer to a TV with just a single HDMI cable

The Atlona AT-HD610 will allow you to take a DVI, 3.5mm Audio, and/or a SPDIF audio connection and embed them into a single HDMI cable. This allows for easy integration of audio and video from a computer to a display or audio receiver. The mounting brackets allow for easy installation in a rack or standard mounting to a surface.


  • We use Silicon image chip-sets in our units for the best compatibility with 99.99%of the AV gear available
  • EDID Learning mode for resolving EDID issues
  • HDCP compliant
  • Allows embedding of DVI and audio onto a single HDMI line
  • Compact size and mounting brackets allow for easy installation
  • SPIDF and 3.5mm jack for analog audio input
  • Easily connect your PC to your home theater setup
  • Supports resolutions: up to 1080p or 1920×1200